blame it on my ADD baby

Guess what song I’m listening to. Now all I can think about is that cat. SAIL!

I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a huge creep but I love to watch other people dance. Especially if that “other people” constitutes Zach Woodlee.

Especially when dancing is not overtly sexual, or at least not in a way that’s sexual for the sake of being sexual. Sexual Wednesdays! Sexuality used in dance, when used with respect and in a sparse manner, can be an almost life-changing thing to watch. The problem is that it’s grossly over-used and it’s not respected. Everyone (everyone in the media) uses sexuality in dancing SO much that it’s only noticeable when it’s not there. But if they started using it like it should be used, it could say something much greater than what it’s saying now. Right now the only thing it’s doing is emphasizing body parts and not actual dancing, not the actual story-telling. It should be used as a story-telling aid and not try to be the story itself. Because right now the story is just about the physical. And because we’re beings that are not just physical, but physical and spiritual combined, we always sense innately that there’s a huge part of the story missing. It reduces it, really, in a way that’s crude and dehumanizing. They think that’s what we want but it’s not really. It’s just that a) we don’t know what we want, and b) we don’t know that there’s more out there than what we’re seeing.

Sex sells, they say. But when you turn something like that into a commerce wagon, the meaning is not only lost, but twisted in a grotesque manner.

This is part of why I love going to the ballet so much. Although there is always an undercurrent of sexuality in ballet, as there is in all dancing, it’s not the main focus of the story except for when it’s being used as a storytelling aid. It can bring things out or enhance things, but the purpose of a ballet is never to sell sex. Ballet is about something bigger.

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