My house is under water.

Living in Calgary definitely has its perks but being flooded isn’t one of them. Me, Kim, Matthew, Mike, Steph and Carl are at Brandi & Marty’s. Yesterday I was feelin’ zany, kind of buzzed on the whole “Wow, my entire city is flooding, that has never happened to me before, slumber party at brandi & Marty’s!” thing, but now I just feel bummed out and stressed. I think I might go to Edmonton for a few days. Might as well. Can’t go home. It’s a weird feeling, not being able to go home, not knowing how extensive the damage is. What if the house is completely flooded and not salvageable? Where will we live? Is this the end of the House of Commons? Will I have to move back to Grande Prairie? I can’t sleep. I’m going to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer until everyone wakes up….






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