black metal and the gospel

I just totally bitched out someone I didn’t know on facebook….AND IT FELT AMAZING!!!! NOTHING has ever felt more RIGHT! All the time I wish I could lash out verbally against people I know, but I can’t, because I know them and I have to live with them. With someone I don’t know, I can just verbally spank them and then leave. The conversation revolved around black metal, or rather, unblack metal – that is, Christianized black metal.

Here’s what I really think : it is annoying how christians try to christianize everything. Christian bookstores, christian schools, christian colleges, christian art, christian magazines, christian music, christian this, christian that. It’s like this weird sort of dystopia that some Christians are trying to create for themselves. BUT, on the other hand, if someone really likes an art form (like black metal) and they change the lyrics to something they can relate to and connect with, why is that bad? Why do black metal lyrics HAVE to fit within the strictures that have been set for them? Having rules isn’t very metal at all. I would know because I am so metal. Seriously, it sometimes hurts to look at myself in the mirror because of how metal I am. (If you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm). But seriously. It becomes more about the legality of black metal. Christians do this too, with their own religion. Christianity, depending on the person, can be very legalistic. It is what it is. But one thing I cannot and WILL NOT abide is legalistic black metal. I bet you it’ll ruin black metal even faster than lyrics embodying a christian message. Which, I mean, WHO CARES? If you don’t like those lyrics, then you don’t have to listen to them. Get over it, people. Get. Over it.

And that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even care about black metal.

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