a royal baby

There are a lot of people who don’t understand the uproar about the royal baby or think it’s really stupid to care so much about it, but I don’t think it’s stupid or uncool or “it’s just a baby, millions of babies get born every day, and millions of babies die every day!” True. But that fact is what makes it even nicer. I think it’s nice that the world cares about the arrival of a baby so much. In a world where babies are sometimes seen as unwanted problems, or inconveniences, or confusing, in a world where human life isn’t as valued as it should be, it does seem extravagant for the general public to care so much about one little baby. But that’s why I like it : because it’s extravagant. Because it’s abundant. Everyone is so excited about just this – a baby. There are parties, and dressing up, and press releases, and crowds of thousands and thousands of people – it’s lavish, it’s excessive, it’s crazy. And I think, that’s how Jesus loves us. It’s a beautiful picture of something bigger. And the people that complain, well, I guess I don’t really get why they’re complaining. There are so many more trivial things that people could be excited about. It’s sweet to see, the world taking some time off from, well, being the world, to celebrate the arrival of a person, of life. It’s nice that this birth is universally recognized as a joyous occasion. I wish everyone’s birth could be like that. I wish everyone was as wanted as this baby is. And in some places, like heaven, they probably are. My advice to those people who find it aggravating is, a) stop talking about it b) don’t go on the internet and c) find something worthwhile to complain about. 



Hahahaha Prince Charles. Source

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