Stephen Harper < Dr. Horrible

There’s a lot of times in my life, lately, when I just wish that Stephen Harper wouldn’t be in charge of our country. I just wish he wouldn’t do that. I picture him being like Dr. Horrible, but not cool. Or funny. Or singing. Or a part of the Evil League of Evil. I just imagine him saying to the mirror in the morning, as he straightens his smarmy tie, “The world is a MESS, and I just….need to rule it.”

Man, how cool would that be if Stephen Harper was actually working for Bad Horse? It would make sense. Don’t get me wrong, Canadian politics are confusing and boring most of the time and so I usually ignore his shenanigans, but pushing privatized health care does sound like something Bad Horse would do. Why does my mom think he’s a genius? Stephen Harper, not Bad Horse. Stephen Harper is not genius or evil genius material. I think he might be American material, though. This is Canada. If you don’t like health care then you should just leave.

Ian is all about privatized health care now since he moved to American and became a republican. That is so weird to me. He used to steal medicine from shopper’s drug mart when he got colds because he felt that he shouldn’t have to pay anything at all for his health. Which admittedly is immature and juvenile or whatever, but can’t there be a happy medium? Why does he always have to be one end of the spectrum or the other?

My dad likes Stephen Harper because he sang a Beatles song on youtube once, but Dad likes anyone who sings a Beatles song on youtube. Dad also always likes people who annoy me. “He’s a good guy. I like him.” That’s pretty much his catch phrase for anyone who’s invoking my wrath. He even said that my archenemy once. If I remember correctly, I think I said, “What’s to like?” And then I felt like I was being overly harsh after. Maybe he is a great guy. Probably not, but I’m sure there’s redeemable qualities about him, as there is about Stephen Harper, as there is…who’s another person I don’t like? Stalin. Tom Cruise. I always want to apologize after I say I don’t like a particular person so that I don’t like so everyone will think I’m a cool guy. But I’m not a cool guy. I just don’t like some people.

Also, Stephen Harper has a lego head and when he smiles he looks like a child molester.


Ugh. I am just SO over you.

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