I wanna do bad things with….


I’m so hilarious.


But anyway. Apparently there’s a bad things tumblr, kind of a post-secret thing meets true blood. I went over and looked at it, and it just struck me as weird – the kinds of things that people define as “bad.” I guess I define it as morally reprehensible. But, for example : “I always fall for bad guys because I believe there is good on them.” Oh, sweetheart. You and every other 20 year old on the planet. That doesn’t mean you’re bad. It just means you’re hopeful and naive.

If I was to do a bad things tumblr, it would look like this :

Today I opened a jar of Kim’s canning and I didn’t regret it.

Today I didn’t clean up after myself and I didn’t care that Amanda did it instead. (editor’s note : I have never actually not cared that Amanda cleaned up my mess so please don’t slap me later. This is just creative writing at its best.)

I ate cheerios in bed.

I imagined someone’s untimely demise in a vengeful manner.

I was indifferent to someone else’s pain or suffering.

I lied when someone asked me how I was.

I ate more yogurt than I should have if I was truly keeping to the “only eat your share” rule.

So you see, none of these things are really bad. All of these things are just me being a crappy human being. My point is, I don’t think anybody’s really bad, just like I don’t think anybody’s really good. Nobody can embody either of these labels to the fullest extent because at any time every human has a limitless capacity for both. We’re paradoxical creatures, never one-dimensional. And that’s why “I do bad things” makes me laugh. Because it can never really be objectively true.

Also, I am having the worst week ever and this picture expresses my inner world.


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9 Responses to I wanna do bad things with….

  1. drivingg says:

    I can’t find a video clip of this scene ANYWHERE and it’s driving me mad.
    So instead I’m just gonna quote it. I think it fits.
    Also, I’m making you watch this movie with me tomorrow night as penance for not feeling bad. Bitch.

    Danny Archer: So you think because your intentions are good, they’ll spare you, huh?
    Benjamin Kapanay: My heart always told me that people are inherently good. My experience suggests otherwise. But what about you, Mr. Archer? In your long career as a journalist, would you say that people are mostly good?
    Danny Archer: No. I’d say they’re just people.
    Benjamin Kapanay: Exactly. It is what they do that makes them good or bad. A moment of love, even in a bad man, can give meaning to a life. None of us knows whose path will lead us to God. – Blood Diamond (2006)

  2. kidshowbiz says:

    That’s all bad. Spanking time for you. >/

  3. kidshowbiz says:

    Seriously though I dunno. I’m still trying to figure out this wordpress wizardry.

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