I find lentils completely incomprehensible.

I’ll never understand why it has to be “evolution vs. God.” Seems like just a…”why are we even arguing about this?” Like when me and Martin argue about Transformers and my dad tells us to shut up. But seriously, Transformers 3 was the worst. 

I read about this thing called 40 Days of Dating and it was super interesting. It’s two friends who “date” for a month as a social experiment. It’s like a rom-com but in real life and less comedy. I wouldn’t do it, though. Unless I had a friend that I found attractive that wasn’t taken. And I don’t have any of those. 

I like listening to Amanda, Paul and Steph watch ghostbusters in Paul’s room.

I watched Carrie last night and I loved it so much. Sissy Spacek was so breathtaking. She played the part of friendless, angst-ridden, shy, naive teenage girl so well that over 24 hours later I’m still recalling a certain look or a certain line. It was too bad that she killed everyone at the ending, but it still seemed happy to me because she got a dance, a kiss, and flowers with the boy she liked before it all went to hell. I just kept thinking, well, at least she got that. You knew it was coming but if you just lived in the moment it wasn’t so bad. They’re doing a remake but now that I’ve watched the original I honestly don’t know if they can. 

I like this picture.


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2 Responses to I find lentils completely incomprehensible.

  1. kidshowbiz says:

    A murderous chicken would be the most terrifying thing ever. One hundred percent serious.

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