Everytime I log on to facebook lately, I’m starkly reminded of why I don’t like people. I’m starting to feel all Jesus-ed out. The struggle to be christian yet not “one of THOSE christians” is too hard. The differentiation process drains my life’s blood and I just feel tired, sick of them all. Everyone with a viewpoint, I’m sick of you. I’m even sick of myself. I’m sick of everyone being right, being smart, being politically correct, being assholes, being arrogant, being themselves.

Why do I have to have an opinion? Why do I need to voice it? Why can’t I keep my mouth shut? Why can’t everyone else keep their mouth shut? Why do we have to talk? Why are we so self-important? Why are there people who are wrong and people who are right? Why do Lindsay and her friends keep me up at night? I’m going to go over there and literally slap that dog of hers. Just one big slap. Right across the muzzle. Shut up, dog. Forever.

Kurt Cobain once wrote this song from the perspective of some serial killer in the media who kidnapped, raped and tortured a 14 year old girl. The song was called Polly. You’re probably familiar with it. There’s this one line in the song that I really relate to, which is ten thousand kinds of fucked up but anyway – 

Polly says her back hurts
She’s just as bored as me

Maybe that’s not even the right word. But I get what you’re saying, Kurt Cobain, and I wish like hell that I didn’t.

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