Tickled : a movie review

“I keep saying the word weird over and over again, but that’s the only way I can describe it.” -Chuck Klosterman, accidentally describing what it was like to watch the documentary Tickled

I would describe my experience of watching this movie much the same as my experience of watching Rocky Horror Picture Show in high school. My thought progression was like this:

This is very hilarious and tremendously enjoyable

Things are starting to get weird now

I feel uncomfortable


This movie also had some of the greatest one-liners I’ve ever heard in my life, primary among them being “Yeah…he’s back into the tickling again” and something alluding to “one man’s elaborate scheme to keep watching other men being tickled” (or something like that).

There were suspenseful parts, although not as “scary” as movie reviews and trailers purported it to be. I read one review describing it as “the scariest documentary you will see this year.” But honestly, a man from the scuzzy underbelly of the internet using a buttload of money to satisfy his weird but non-violent sexual cravings and then to manipulate and terrorize other people is not that scary anymore. It’s a tale as old as time.

As far as the documentary itself went, I thought it was very well done. I was thoroughly amused and simultaneously repulsed, which are my (and America’s) favourite emotions to feel during movie-watching. I hope that the media attention garnered from this documentary will go into publicly shaming the freak show that is David D’amato, because if you can’t legally punish a man, you might as well publicly shame the crap out of him. That’s my personal motto and always has been.

In conclusion, this movie was awesome. I will probably never feel comfortable tickling or being tickled ever, ever, ever, ever again, but I give this movie 10/10. Would see again, would recommend.

Also, as a side note, every documentary I see is more bizarre than the last. I feel that this is a disturbing trend. If this is to continue, I either have to get weirder (which is a situation absolutely no one would be comfortable with), or the content needs to become boringer. That’s a lose-lose situation.






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