Dear Awaken

Dear Awaken
I want to write a heartfelt note but am not sure how to use my talking words to maximum effect. To communicate these things we call “feelings.”
I’ve been feeling a lot like this lately.
Due to the combining factors of Steph leaving/being sad/Sarah getting mono/Alessa being sick/summer ending/my boss telling me I couldn’t name files “Queen Anne’s Revenge” in SharePoint, I just felt tired. And sick. And alone. And depressed. And very, very, very apathetic. (Wait a second, isn’t this post supposed to be uplifting? Just wait.)
But in the midst of that, I asked you guys for help. And tonight, dish after dish of wonderful food appeared on our table, courtesy of awakeners, to feed our guests. A giant ham. Scalloped potatoes. Caesar salad. Buns. Apple crisp. Ice cream. It was scandalously lavish. Those are the only words I can think to describe it. Awakeners also showed up to visit with our guests. And I just thought to myself, when I was too tired and felt like I just couldn’t keep doing this every week, you guys showed up for me. And I didn’t feel so alone anymore. I felt like you guys were holding us. And I also felt like everything was going to be okay, which, as anyone will tell you, is rare for my personality type. And while I’ll admit that a full stomach often has that effect on my outlook, I think more of it has to do with the community of Awaken. I really wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate everything you do for the house, and for me. This is the only time you’ll hear me give verbal affirmation for the next five years, so enjoy it while you can.
And the grinch’s heart grew three sizes that day.
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